Author Biography, Richard Jonathan

Slide Past Not from perception... Slide Present recollection... Slide Future ...but in the other direction we move.

Richard Jonathan was born in South Africa, grew up in Canada, studied in London and lives in Toulouse. He is a passionate European, teaching, for example, a university course on ‘The Idea of Europe’. When he is not earning his living as a translator, he enjoys drilling down into the puns of Jacques Lacan and James Joyce, the paradoxes of Heraclitus and Lao Tse, and the lyrics of Fiona Apple and Tom Verlaine. ‘Silence, exile and cunning’ have afforded him refuge from invasive consumerism, while his engagement with all forms of art has allowed him to find as much pleasure in the wit of Vivienne Westwood as in the architecture of Finnegans Wake. He is married with two grown-up children. Mara, Marietta: A Love Story in 77 Bedrooms is his first book.

Mara Marietta