Chick Corea

The Loop | Summer Night | Night and Day

The recording of the Chick Corea, Miroslav Vitous and Roy Haynes performances that Adelaide and Muriel play at the New Year’s Eve party is from the ECM album, Trio Music: Live in Europe. ECM has not made these tracks available via a streaming service, and none of the other versions available match the glory of these renditions. Hence the absence of a playlist for these pieces.

Chick Corea | Photo: Francis Wolff

Part Nine Chapters 10, 11, 12

I compliment Gabrielle on her canvas brogues; she gives me a smile as impish as ‘The Loop’, the tune unfolding under Chick Corea’s fingers. Shuffling to the spirited waltz, she shimmers in her Capri pants to her place behind the bar.

She removes a strip of lemon rind from her blini and eats the trout-and-avocado. Callum follows his salmon canapé with a stick of celery. Listen! Modal-hued and waltz-tempoed, bearing Chick Corea’s touch, ‘Summer Night’ sweeps into the room.

Under the glass-and-metal staircase, cantilever chairs of woven cane gather around a table of black fibre glass. We seat ourselves. ‘Summer Night’ had segued into ‘Night and Day’, and now…

Miroslav Vitous

Roy Haynes

Mara Marietta