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Miles Davis

For much more on Miles, see Miles Davis Quintet, 1965-68 in the Mara Marietta Culture Blog.

Photo: © 1995 Uwe Ommer

Part Ten Chapter 14

̶  Everything she did onstage—even the simplest gesture—she did with utter conviction.

So saying, I resume our conversation.

̶̶  Yes. Which is not to say there isn’t also calculation. You’re naked up there as a soloist. You’ve got to generate energy and make the audience work. Never give them exactly what they want. Otherwise, you’re just a whore.

I think of the man with the muted trumpet, I think of his style and grace.

̶̶  You remind me of Miles, Marietta. You’ve got the same defiant dignity onstage.
̶  You think so?
̶  It’s certain! Your refusal to be a whore makes you his soul sister.
̶  Brother Miles and Sister Marietta!
̶  Yeah!

Pulling you closer to me, I align my stride with your swagger.

Photo: Baron Wolman

Mara Marietta