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Led Zeppelin

Dazed and Confused

Part Seven Chapter 5

̶  Go on, Sprague. Solange…
̶  Solange, yes… So, I’m in Dar es Salaam, staying at a hostel, sharing a room with an engineer from India. I remember us sitting on our beds, facing each other, spooning up ravioli from a tin can while discussing Hinduism.
̶  I can just picture it!
̶  I still remember his face, his sense of peace and self-possession. So different from my state.
̶  East meets West?
̶  More like quietude meets dazed-and-confused. By the way, do you know, on that song, Jimmy Page uses a violin bow on his Les Paul?
̶  Solange, Sprague, Solange!
̶  Okay! So, my next roommate was…

Photo: Richard Aaron

Mara Marietta