Göteborg, Sweden

Intermezzo 9: Siri

Marietta, I am sitting in a café off Järntorget, the cranes along the Göta River joining with the bleak streets of Långgatorna to echo my mood. I’m happy! Yes, my love, since you’ve been gone I’m only happy when it rains, and while now there’s but a louring sky, last night, what a downpour! Stripped the trees of their autumn leaves, painted the brownstones black. Just like the night before: As the wind drove the rain down the avenue, the chill invigorated me; I hailed a taxi in the storm and rode to a place called Pustervik, a converted cinema where I caught a rock concert. After the show, Siri, the singer, recognized me; we made a date to meet for brunch the next day. Now as I sit in this empty café on the day after, I’ll tell you about our time together.

Mara Marietta