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Sonny Rollins


Bertolt Brecht | Photo: Jörg Kolbe, Bundesarchiv

Part Nine Chapter 13

Around her wrist, stacked between bands of woven silver, a serpent flashes its emerald eyes.

̶  Thank you, Maya. I’ll remember that.

She sips her drink. Suddenly you break into song:

̶̶  ‘On a sidewalk, one Sunday morning, lies a body just bleeding life.’

Maya joins you:

̶̶  ‘And someone’s sneaking round a corner, could that someone be Mack the Knife?’

Relaxed and poised, Sonny Rollins, the Saxophone Colossus, does justice to the sardonic menace of Brecht and Weill’s vision. Listen! Brilliantly inventive, with swirling runs and staccato moans he invites us to syncopate the possible. Accepting the invitation, your body sways with Maya’s: You’re ready for anything.

̶  ‘Bet you Mackie’s back in town’, you sing together.

Kurt Weill and Lotte Lenya, 1942

Photo: Jan Persson

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