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Part Ten Chapter 12

Shaking your body free from the bonds of the perishable, you regenerate time in the instant consumption of energy. Feel it! To a riffing synth you sculpt the air while backbeat clap and bass drum, open hat and snare, pulse your blood with syncopation. Look! White light pierces the blue, the void opens to infinity: Your hair pinned up, your long legs bare, you take me there. Marietta, this is how I love to love you, this is how you’ll remain in my memory: dancing to a drum in a circle of fire, your rapture restoring my animality.

Now there’s an acid bounce to the synth wash, an offbeat to the kick pattern. Feel it! Your arms become a shining glory of omni-dimensional moves, your pelvis a pivot for your legs and torso. Look! Red light pierces the green, the serpent enters Eden: Your hair concealing your eyes, your racerback revealing your flesh, you bite the apple and give me knowledge. Marietta, this is the pattern of repetition, this is the eternal return: This is our asylum.

Now the backbeat syncopation gives way to a steady four-on-the-floor; with exquisite sensuality you lock into the groove. Feel it! Your undulating body alternates profiles; in the pause from one to the other, you toss back your head and recover it in a caress. Look! Yellow light pierces the black, differentiating chaos into a cosmos: Your hair, flying loose as you go wild, bodies forth power. Marietta, I love your courage, I love your pride; I love the way you refuse to conform to what you are ascribed: Always you escape their ascriptions.

Now varying loops are making polyrhythms, a fabric of synths punctuated by bass and drums. As soon as you find a point of orientation, your body becomes a dynamo. Feel it! Dissolving the temporal in the eternal, you expand your being in a choreography of grace. Look! Orange light pierces the blue, the emblem of lust enters the absolute: Your hair—generous, dark, mysterious—is loose and impulsive. Marietta, as you cradle your flame, I safeguard your obscurity: You are inexhaustible, and everything is mine to learn.

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