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Corpus en Sevilla | Evocación

Francis Luis Mora, A Family Party in Triana, 1908

Joaquín Sorolla, My Wife and Daughters in the Garden, 1910

Part Nine Chapter 7

̶  Ingrid, do you know Albeniz’s Iberia?
̶  Of course. It was thanks to ‘Corpus en Sevilla’ that I won my first piano competition.
̶  Would you play me ‘Evocación’?
̶  With pleasure!

As she slips her foot into her shoe the fall of her hair frees my emotion: I feel how we are bonded through you. She takes her place at the piano; I seat myself on the rug.

It comes, the melody; within the narrow compass of an octave it circles, encircling me in its delicate nostalgia. This is the sound of souls touching, this is silence speaking. I lie back on the rug and listen. What does the music say? It says that in loving you, Ingrid has touched me; it says that in loving you, I have moved her: The touch of her fingers on the keys is your touch reaching the core of us. Listen, she still loves you: That syncopation is your sly smile; that offbeat quality, your gangling gait… Words fall away, the music washes over me… Silence.

Vera, Andalucia | Screenshot from Antonioni’s The Passenger, 1975