Yves Saint Laurent

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Part Three Chapter 8

̶  One can be original and still be perfect, Sprague. Look at Saint Laurent.
̶  The imperfection in his life outweighs the perfection in his art. So long as the net result is imperfection, the art lives.
̶  Rather curious, your theory! And besides, you haven’t defined perfection.
̶  It’s the idea of closure, completeness. Nature can afford to be perfect, because it’s constantly in a state of flux. There’s always an opening for the new. Man cannot, because civilization seeks fixity and permanence. So if you add closure into the mix, it’s a recipe for death. Perfection in art is deadly.
̶  A rather grandiose statement, don’t you think?
̶  No. Just compare Cabanel and Manet. The Birth of Venus is perfection; Olympia is imperfection. Manet’s painting is far more interesting.

Manet, Olympia, 1863

Cabanel, The Birth of Venus, 1863

̶  I defend perfection in the name of craft, not art. Being well-trained gives you the means to express your originality. And if you don’t have any, at least what you make will be well-made.
̶  True.

What exactly have I got against perfection? That schooling and I never got along? That I prefer the wildflower to the cultivar? The stray cat to the lapdog?