Paul Klee

The Tightrope Walker | The Black Prince | The Carpet of Memory

Paul Klee, The Tightrope Walker, 1923

Paul Klee, The Black Prince, 1927

Paul Klee, The Carpet of Memory, 1914

Part One Chapter 7

̶  Sprague, that’s the Carpet of Memory!
̶  Yes.
̶  And that’s the Black Prince!
̶  Indeed. So you know Paul Klee?
̶  Of course. I’ve often visited Bern.



̶  In Zürich, Sprague, I too have Paul Klee in my bedroom.
̶  You do? What a coincidence!
̶  Yes. A poster of The Tightrope Walker.

Risk: The refusal to reduce yourself to your consciousness.

̶  So you admire the art of the funambule?
̶  I do.

Part Nine Chapter 18

Was it the kiss you blew me that made the Black Prince glow as I cast my gaze around the room? Was it the splendour of your smile—tossed over your shoulder just before you stepped into the corridor—that made the Carpet of Memory scintillate? Or was is simply my heart reaching out to yours that transfigured everything?